7 changes for a happier online life

It’s safe to say that the internet can be a bit of a shitty place sometimes, in particular I’m talking about social media. Don’t get me wrong, I love the invention of social and I’m old enough to have experienced life ‘before’ it was even invented, but young enough to fully understand how it works in day to day life.

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That being said there are times when social is pretty darn toxic and I’m sure there’s a correlation between the rise in mental health and anxiety and social media. But, that’s something to look at another day.

Anyway back to this instalment of the 7 series – 7 changes for a happier online life.

Delete the Facebook App

I not only deleted the Facebook app but also Facebook messenger and it’s been absolutely liberating! Don’t get me wrong I love keeping up with my friends, but Facebook has changed over the years to become and place for streams and streams of, in all honesty crap. It’s changed so much from when I first joined I just don’t enjoy using it anymore. So those little red notifications which pop up on my phone to tell me there’s an update are gone and I don’t miss them one tiny weeny bit! If I didn’t have to use Facebook for work I’d delete my profile altogether.

Taking Social Media Breaks

I’m making a conscious effort to put my phone down in the evenings and do something else – read a book, watch a film, talk to my husband without having my phone surgically attached to my hand. Oh and before I go to bed, no more aimlessly scrolling for me.

Unfollow Those Who No Longer Tickle Your Pickle

As I’ve got older and (I like to think) wiser there are some accounts who no longer tickle my pickle and I find myself just skimming past on Instagram. It’s not anything the poster has done wrong it just doesn’t float my boat anymore, so instead of just ignoring and not engaging I’ve decided to unfollow those who no longer interest me. There’s no shame in unfollowing those that no longer interest you, be it brands or influencers.

Engage with Content That I’m Loving

A few months back I was bemoaning that my content wasn’t getting much engagement but then I realised that I wasn’t engaging with others the way I should. How can I expect anyone to engage with me when I don’t reciprocate?! So I’m making a conscious effort to like, comment and share the things I’m loving online.

Ignore the Dramarama

2017 seemed to be the year of blogger drama, I avoided the majority of it but occasionally couldn’t help be sucked in when I had an opinion on something. This year I’m ignoring it all! I don’t care who’s bought a squillion followers and likes, I’m not interested if another blogger is working with a brand but others don’t think they should – the brand has chosen to work with them so therefore we should support that.

Champion Others Doing Well

I love seeing content creators working with massive brands and smashing it out the park when it comes to campaigns. Some of my favourites from last year include Victoria Inthefrow, Amy Little Magpie, EJStyle (whose wardrobe I’m obsessed with and I’m sure I need!) Becky EnglishMum (she’s been on TV dontcha ya know!) and gorgeous Susie MyMiloandMe.

I’m going to make a real effort to like their sponsored content and really champion the amazing work they are doing.

Enjoy It

Last year social lost its unicorn sparkle for me, it all became about numbers, stats, likes, algorithms and engagement which I found actually sucked the fun out of it. I spent a long time getting pulled into a never ending cycle of obsessing over the right time of day to post, should my grid have a theme and thinking everything I posted was just crap. So online me in 2018, is all about not give AF about the numbers and just posting things that I love and bringing back the enjoyment into it.


So that’s my 7 changes I’m making to have a happier online life.


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