7 gins for the win

If you’ve been around for a while you’ll know that I’m a gin lover, some may say obsessive but that might be taking it a little far……..

I recently checked out the Gin Festival at the gorgeous Tobacco Dock just round the corner from St Katherine’s Dock – if you’ve never been to St Katherine’s Dock I highly recommend a visit, especially if the sun is shining. Such a beautiful spot.

Anyway back to the gin! So for the next instalment of my 7 Series, I was going to write my 7 top tips for avoiding airport stress but, I thought gin would be much more fun!

So this is my 7 gins for the win – basically 7 gins you need to try/have stashed in your cupboard to impress guests with.

7 different gins to try

Before I launch into it, I have to stress that you could be drinking the most expensive/expertly crafted gin but if you add rubbish tonic it will taste crap! I always go for Fever Tree Tonic, not only does it taste great but it doesn’t contain any nasties either!


  1. Brockmans

This is a gin I’ve literally only just discovered at the Gin Festival and I’m so pleased I did. Brockmans is a revelation of a gin, with hints of dark fruits it’s best drunk with ice, two blueberries and a grapefruit twist all combined with tonic.


  1. Hortus

Hortus is a Lidl special and has even won awards for being the best gin. I’ve got the oriental spiced version which is a great everyday gin and it’s only £15 a bottle.


  1. Gordon’s Pink Gin

Now, I’ve gone completely off normal Gordon’s Gin it just doesn’t do it for me. TBH it’s just a bit basic! But, the new pink gin made with real berries tastes great with lots of ice, frozen raspberries and topped with Fever Tree.


  1. Tiger Gin

Tiger Gin is a new one to me, it’s distilled in Shropshire by JJ Lawrence who describes himself as a Shropshire lad born and bred. Tiger Gin became a reality after one night ‘on the gin’ and JJ decided to make his dream a reality and create his own gin. Tiger Gin is best drunk with a grapefruit garnish.


  1. Portobello Road Gin

Portobello Road gin started its life at 171 Portobello Road in the heart of London – hence the name. Today the distillery has developed and now has a Ginstitue, hotel and restaurant on-site giving the full gin experience. It was also one of the first ever craft gins I bought and despite all the others I’ve tried I still love it.


  1. Drumshanbo Gunpowder Irish Gin

This gin was a complete punt at Dublin Airport, I only really bought it because I loved the art deco style bottle, and it is just so pretty! But, I’m so pleased I picked it up. The gin has a quite strong, aromatic flavour almost a bit oaky. I didn’t realise Ireland had such a massive craft gin scene!


  1. Marula Gin

My final gin recommendation is Marula Gin which was been created by two Belgian guys who were inspired by the drunk elephants in Africa. Marula actually means Forbidden Fruit of The Elephant Tree. Elephants love the Marula fruit so much that when they eat then they ferment in their stomachs and make them drunk. They are also giving back to those beautiful creatures which inspire their gin, every month they are adopting elephants in Africa – check out their website for more info.


So that’s it, my top 7 gins for the win. I guarantee if you’re willing to share your guests will truly be impressed, just don’t let them guzzle too much!


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  1. Julia
    12/04/2018 / 5:09 pm

    My home-made raspberry gin is good

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