Glossier Solution Review

I love everything about Glossier products, my dressing table is awash with millennial pink products from the Priming Moisturiser to the Stretch Concealer, not to mention Boy Brow, Balm Dot Com and Haloscope.

Glossier Solution

Ok so I’m a total sucker for anything which promises to give me clearer skin and minimized pores, so of course I ordered the Glossier Solution the minute it launched. It promises to be acne fighting and reduce redness through acid exfoliation.

Now this wasn’t exfoliation as I’d ever known it before. To me this was more like using a toner, purely because most exfoliators I’ve used previously have been foaming and or more like a scrub which haven’t been too kind to my sensitive skin.

According to the clinical trial Glossier ran over four weeks three out of four people reported the following (this was taken from their website)

_Skin felt cleaner and softer; they felt Solution working right after they applied it.

_Skin looked smoother, brighter, and clearer.

_Pores looked smaller and skin looked glowy.

_Solution unclogged pores and reduced the appearance of redness; skin looked more even.

_7 out of 10 people said skin looked transformed.
_3 out of 4 people said this was the solution they were looking for.

What I didn’t remember to do when I first started using Solution two weeks ago is actually take a picture of the current state of my skin. But, what I can say is it was a mess! I’m talking full stress acne breakout, uneven skin tone and pores the size of the moons craters (ok so they might not be that big but they felt like it).

Two weeks on and I’m pleased to say the stress acne has completely calmed down, HURRAH! I’m not sure if my pores look smaller or not? But then I don’t think I’m very objective when it comes to looking at my skin close up.


So do I think Solution works?


To be totally honest, I’m not entirely sure. Yes my skin is clearer but I think there are other contributing factors – I’m less stressed than I was a few weeks ago, I’ve reduced the sugar in my diet, I’m drinking way more water and exercising more. But my skin does look brighter and my skin tone is more even. I shall keep using it until it’s finished and update again after that.

Do you use an acid exfoliator? Have you seen a significant change in your skin?


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