What I’ve learnt about myself doing Dry January

Hurrah we’ve made it through what has quite possibly been the longest January ever! I know it’s still only 31 days and that never changes, but for some reason this year it felt like it dragged on for so long.

I did Dry January and stuck to it, which I know isn’t a massive achievement but when January is so dark and gloomy it makes it harder not to sneak off to the pub for a Sunday afternoon G&T by a roaring log fire.

But what I’m most intrigued about is what I’ve learnt from my relationship with boozing and since lack of it.

I really don’t need booze to have a great time. Fundamentally we’ve all grown up with the notion that we have to have a drink to enjoy ourselves and can’t possibly be having fun if we’re ‘Sober Susan’ when in reality we can. I’ve found I’ve just had to push myself a little more to be that sociable person that I know I am when I’ve had a wine.

bees knees non alcoholic prosecco

Also, booze really is calorific and as I’ve set myself a goal of losing one or two or maybe 10 pounds by May, steering clear of the wine is really helping. Bonus point it’s pushed me to go to the gym more especially now I have a FitBit which buzzes every time it thinks I should be moving! There’s nothing like being told off by tech to get you moving.

No more beer fear! Ever woken up after a night out thinking ‘oh god, what did I do’ before heading straight to Facebook to untag all of those horrendous photos? Yep, well I didn’t get any of the beer fear – no drinking equals no fear. If I’ve said something daft, it’s probably because, well, I was being daft at the time.

Hello extra cash welcome to my bank balance which is in the black and not glowing red. That in itself is a nice addition to not drinking, the extra cash at the end of the month.

Now, I’m not saying that I’m a full blown ‘Drinking Deidre’ but the odd midweek glass of wine at the pub or Friday night happy hour session does add up in both calories and cash, so for the whole of January it’s been nice to have a few less calories and a few more £££.

Cocktail bar and non alcoholic prosecco

Having said all this it doesn’t mean I’m going to stay ‘Sober Susan’ forever more, the lure of Prosecco is just too  much but, what I will be doing is changing my drinking habits and resisting that mid-week glass of wine and swapping it for a gym session or just a juice. This will help towards a couple of my #18for2018 goals too – lose weight and reduce my credit card debts, so win win all-round.


Did you do Dry January and stick it out?


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