Recent beauty empties

At the end of last year I made a promise to myself that I would only buy new skincare and beauty products once I’d finished something else. I was finding I had lots of opened and half used products on every space available and not really getting through anything.

But, what I didn’t anticipate is everything running out at the same time! I might have mentioned a while back that I’d fallen for everything Glossier had to offer and I’ve been using the Milk Jelly Cleanser, priming moisturiser and the Super Pure serum religiously since I’d bought it and now they’ve all run out at once. *facepalm* When I first started using the cleanser I wasn’t 100% sold but, by the time I got through it and cut the bottle in half I knew it was something I needed to repurchase. In fact, I actually felt the same about the moisturiser and serum, both grew on me and really helped tame my blemish prone skin. Another swift order and they were all replaced within days. #winning

Empty beauty products

Next to finish on me was my NYX soft matte liquid lipstick in shade Istanbul. For me this is just the perfect everyday shade and I often wear it to the office. It’s long wearing and doesn’t leave my lips feeling dry like some matte formulas can. Again, another product which will be repurchased. I know I’ve got literally hundreds of other lipsticks and colours but I like to keep my more expensive products like The Duchess for going out and looking fancy.

Empty beauty products

Talking of Charlotte Tilbury, I’m now on the very last scrapings of the bottle of my Magic Foundation. So much so, that I’ve unscrewed the lid and am using the pump tube to scrap the sides just to get the last little bits of product out. I know, I know it’s time to admit that it’s finished, but I just can’t, I haven’t got a replacement yet! I love this liquid foundation, it doesn’t feel heavy on my skin, it’s super long wearing and doesn’t go all shiny or cakey. Safe to say, I need another one pronto!

As you can see, a super expensive month!


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