A little life update #18for2018

Omg we’re in April, how did that even happen? I know it sounds super cliche but the last four months have been a whirlwind. Given that I’ve had a short blogging break (basically lots of faffing meant I haven’t had the inspiration to write!) I thought I’d start with a little update on my #18for2018 goals and what’s happened in the last four months.


Here’s a little reminder of the goals I set way back in January and where I actually am with them now:

  1. Reorganise office and complete filing – I actually achieved this and it (was) so much tidier but now I need to do it again 🤦🏼‍♀️ I fear this is going to be a never ending cycle of sorting out
  2. Keep tax expenses up to date – winning at life on this one although now comes the tax return bit for 2017/2018 urgh
  3. Take a photography course – I was gifted a street photography course for Christmas and did it with my mum on the coldest day in March. So cold that it was snowing! However, I did learn a lot and cannot wait to put that new found knowledge into action
  4. Post consistent and quality content to Instagram – hmmm this is totally subjective, I’ve been posting consistently and I hope it’s quality but that’s down to you dear readers to judge!
  5. Find a podcast I LOVE and subscribe to it – I not only found one podcast but four which I completely adore and listen to every single week. I love them so much I did a whole blog post about it. Check out my favourites here. four podcasts to subscribe to
  6. Write regular blog content and post twice a week – ok so the year started well but the last couple of weeks have dropped off a bit, I think this might end up being a recurring theme throughout the year – although I hope not.
  7. Stick to a consistent skincare routine – hello Glossier, Clarins and Kiehls welcome to my dressing table and thank you for being kind to my face! Glossier Solution
  8. Reduce credit card debt – meh, what can I say?!
  9. Read one book a month – After living in my area for the last five years I finally joined the library, I am that person who happily skips off and loses myself on a Saturday morning choosing the books I want to read for the next month. I think i’ve already read more than my goal of one a month. Any recommendations, i’d love to hear them! 
  10. Lose a stone in weight by the time I go to Greece in May – ummm, I’ve lost a bit but nowhere near as much as I’d have liked to by now. Damn you Easter eggs
  11. Exercise regularly even if it’s just a 20 minute Body Coach workout at home – I invested in a Fitbit and it’s making me so much more motivated and aware of how much time I was just sitting at my desk. I’m now making a conscious effort to smash my steps target on a daily basis. 
  12. Curb my spending and stop buying pretty things that I don’t need – ummm moving swiftly on………whistles jumpsuit and metallic sandals
  13. Say NO more – decline invites to things I know won’t make me happy or I won’t enjoy – this one hasn’t actually come up or been needed yet 
  14. Visit museums and exhibitions I’m interested in, don’t put it off and then miss out e.g. book tickets to the V&A for the Winnie the Pooh exhibition before it ends on 8th April – gah I faffed and missed Winnie the Pooh! I’m so cross with myself, lesson learned for the next eight months – book the tickets 
  15. Attend at least four blogger events (obvs this only works if I’m invited!) – yay I’ve been to one with the lovely John Lewis team at the the Chelmsford store and really enjoyed it
  16. Learn a new language, maybe Spanish? – I’ve got another 8 months, that’s long enough right?
  17. Take regular social media breaks and live in the moment more – i’ve been quite good with this at weekends and have been trying really hard to not just aimlessly scroll through Twitter and Instagram for the sake of it 
  18. Enter and train for a 10k – ummmmmmmmmm 
We also took a last minute break over to see our friend in Palma, I was promised sunshine, we only had one day, but hey we were away having a lovely time on a trip which cost the sum total of £30 each in flights!
Flag flying in palms
To add to the goals I’ve achieved so far I’ve also had two new jobs since January. I feel I need to explain further on this but I think it’s a post for another day.
How are your #18for2018 goals going?

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