Time is the most valuable thing you can give

Sometimes Mr B and I can be a little like ships in the night at home, crazy work schedules during the week and then at weekends devotion to individual hobbies. Me horse riding, him sailing and cycling. Which isn’t a bad thing at all, but sometimes it can makes us a little tetchy with each other.

I literally had a lightbulb moment and realised we need to make more time for each other and do more together as a couple. Not rocket science by any stretch of the imagination!

So, bank holiday Monday we took ourselves off to the Suffolk coast and the River Orwell for lunch at the most gorgeous pub, the Butt & Oyster. The food menu is absolutely divine, lots of fresh seafood and fish alongside homemade coleslaw and the most incredible desserts.

Butt & Oyster pub sign


Butt & Oyster menu

River Orwell

Long walks by the river in the sunshine where I spent quite a bit of time practicing my new found photography skills and also trying to teach Mr B to become and Instagram husband. He’s not quite there yet, as in he saw no problem with cutting off my feet in a picture and me bemoaning about my fabulous shoes he’s missed, but you know, Rome wasn’t built in a day!!

Outfit of the day
Look no feet




bluebells in the wood


Purple flowers

Although our day wasn’t anything out of the ordinary and we didn’t change the world we had fun together and laughed and when I say laughed I mean those big belly laughs where you can’t breathe.

Time is the most valuable thing you can give whether it’s to your significant other, family, friends or though volunteering it really makes a difference. You could have all the dollar in the world but if you don’t have time for anything else then what’s the point?


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