Finding my style at 33

I’ve always been interested in fashion and use to pour over Vogue and Sunday Times Style when I was younger. I loved seeing beautifully dressed models wearing the latest designs and was utterly obsessed with Alexander McQueen, well I still am to be honest. His exhibition at the V&A was breathtaking. But, having said all this I don’t think I’ve ever been fashionable and it’s taken me quite a long time to find my groove and what works for me.

Stripe skirt and Hush t-shirt

As I’ve got older I’ve started to understand what works best for my body shape – jumpsuits, yes. Paperbag waist trousers (as much as I love them) absolutely not, I look like a potato! Bodycon, no sir, you have no place in my wardrobe unless I want to resemble and overstuffed sausage! I’ve got a much better understanding about what colours suit my skin tone too, pinks yes, yellows absolutely not they make me look all washed out and unwell.

Jumpsuit in the woods

I’m pretty basic and feel most at home in jeans, jazzed up or down, I’m that person who always replies to the question of what I’m wearing ‘jeans and a nice top’.

I love looking at the latest trends and working out which would suit my shape and style. I like to search out the key pieces which are more classic and will last longer than one season. A lot of my current wardrobe has basics from Hush, Primark and New Look, there’s also a lot of stripes – I mean you can never have too many striped t-shirts, right?

I’m also trying to branch out from wearing just jeans, although they will always be my go to staple I feel like I need something else, just to change up my look a bit.  I’ve found that midi-skirts with relaxed t’s is a style which works for me too. Previously I’ve shied away from midi-length anything because I’ve always thought it makes me look even shorter than I actually am, but I was wrong! So hurrah for cropped and midi length.

White dropped hem dress

Lovely EJStyle has become somewhat of a style inspo to me too, basically I just want to give her my credit card and say ‘please go shopping for me and fill my wardrobe with pretty things.’

At the grand old age of 33 and 7 months I finally feel like I’ve found my fashion groove and style.



    • delphineblublog
      19/08/2018 / 11:43 am

      Thank you, such a kind thing to say! I’ve been struggling a bit with body confidence recently but this has given a real boost xx

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