Having a facial made me realise my skin routine sucks

I am forever bemoaning about my skin and how often I get blemish outbreaks, uneven skin tone and enlarged pores. I will literally try everything to sort it, any product on the market that will promise clear skin will end up in my bathroom being rigorously tested and often discarded in favour of the next fad.

Whilst on holiday recently my skin was particularly bad, probably the worst it’s been for a while which made me feel more self-conscious than I already did (I’d just got in a bikini for the first time in months) so I did something which I never normally do on holiday – hit the spa. I know ground-breaking right (eyeroll)

We were staying at the Messini Resort with Neilson Holidays (not an ad or collab just a paid for holiday) and their spa offered loads of treatments including a purification facial, which is essentially a deep cleanse and detox. My therapist Zoe was incredible, she actually suffers the same kind of skin issues as me so really understood my concerns and worries.

The facial really was a deep cleanse and detox for my skin and I came out feeling so fresh and clean. When chatting through my current skincare routine, I realised there were things I’ve been missing out which may be having an effect on my current skin state.

Skin care products
Exfoliating- I’ve been totally missing this out and Zoe made me realise how important this is for my skin to exfoliate twice a week. Although I cleanse twice a day I’m sure there’s still make up particles and build up left behind. Exfoliating removes all this gunk (grim, I know) which I’m hoping will help reduce the blemishes.

Toning – I haven’t used a toner in years because I didn’t think I actually needed it. What I didn’t realise was using a toner regularly reduces the appearance of enlarged pores and sweeps away anything left behind after cleansing.

So, these are the two additional steps I’m adding into my current skincare routine. I know it will take a few weeks to see a noticeable difference but I’m hopeful.

skincare products

Are there any skincare products which you swear by? I’d love your recommendations.


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  1. 26/08/2018 / 9:39 am

    I love Super facialist moisturiser it’s really good for dry skin. Hope your new skincare routine works!

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