A Picture Paints A Thousand Words

This post isn’t sponsored but Three Mobile did lend me the Samsung S9+ to test out the camera – all thoughts and opinions are my own as always.

Ever since the invention of the smartphone I’ve always been a fan of the fruit variety, first it was the Blackberry and then (when I realised my error) it was the Apple and I’ve been loyal to the iPhone ever since. So when the guys over at Traverse and Three Mobile challenged me to cross over to the android side of the fence I have to admit I did have some reservations.

I’m old enough to know life with mobile phones without cameras and then the introduction of possibly the worst cameras known to man. I mean when I say bad I’m talking full on grainy and fuzzy. As a lover of photography it’s exciting for me to have seen the changes (god I’m sounding like I’m 104!).

Anyway back to the challenge. I was given the Samsung S9+ and told to ‘Go Roam’ and take pictures of anything and everything then the best one will be hung in a fancy gallery in Mayfair. What struck me the most is the clarity and quality of the camera, dare I say it’s actually better than the iPhone 7 I currently have.

I live by the water and spend much of my life on boats and paddleboards so I thought it was only right to really put it to the test. I have to admit there were some moments on the paddleboard I thought I was going to fall in!

Here’s just a few images I took with the S9+

paddleboard on the water


Paddleboard on the water


boats on the water at sundown

Although the camera is incredible, it’s not quite enough to make me cross to the Android side – just yet.



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