Holiday beauty hero’s

Every time I go on holiday I always seem to pack and insane amount of make up and never use half of it. So when I went to Ibiza I made a conscious effort to reduce the amount of products I took with me.

Despite doing this I ended up with one hero for the whole weekend! I’ll come to why in a bit.

So what did I include in my holiday hero’s make up bag?

Holiday Beauty Heros

Hello Happy foundation from Benefit Cosmetics in shade four. I’ve talked about Hello Happy previously and how much I like the lightweight formula for summer, especially when it’s hot and my skin needs to breath.

Holiday Beauty Heros

L’Oreal Peach blusher, I still can’t get over that it smells like peaches (ok slightly chemical peaches but peaches all the same) I’ve been opting for a peach based blush during the summer months because it compliments my tan and doesn’t make me look redder like some pink toned blushes do.

Holiday Beauty Heros

Mac haute and naughty waterproof mascara. This is my absolute go to mascara all the time. I love the bristle brush (I hate those plasticky comb ones) and the option to reduce the amount of product just by a twist of the lid.

Holiday beauty heros

Lancôme bronze drops. This is quite dark so I only use the tiniest of amounts just to enhance that summer glow.

Holiday Beauty Heros

Benefit High Beam – a cult classic which I’ve used for years and still love as a highlighter.

Marc Jacobs palette – I love the colours in this palette I’ve worn them alone and combine to create the ultimate smokey eye. I’ve not quite been brave enough to use the ultra violet purple but I’m so tempted as it’s so gorgeous.

That’s it, that’s everything I packed in my make up bag. However, after the first night in Ibiza and it being around 32 degrees in the evening I ended up forgoing all make up except masscara for the entire weekend!

Luckily I had gained a really great summer glow so I didn’t need anything more than mascara to enhance my face. 

It felt so refreshing and free to basically go make up free on holiday. Do you ever do this?


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