Learning to be body confident

This post contains gifted items but all thoughts and opinions are my own 

I’ve started and re-started this post about six times now. It’s funny but I just haven’t found the right words to say without sounding like a complete wally.

When I was younger I never really struggled with body confidence in fact, it’s something I never actually gave a second thought about. See I grew up pre-social media which I think had a big effect. The only time I’d really see women and celebrity’s body shamed would be in trashy weekly magazines. But since rise of social and reality TV coupled with my love of Instagram I’ve found myself becoming more and more insecure about my shape.

Before my recent trip to Ibiza I’d got myself into such a state believing everyone on the island will look like models and next to them I’d just look like a massive potato. For this reason I only packed swimsuits, which looking back was absurd especially as it was 37 degrees some days.

I was lucky to be gifted a gorgeous black swimsuit from UK Swimwear and a fabulous lace cross back playsuit from Hunkemoller. When they both arrived I have to admit they sent me into a slight panic, I was so worried about how I’d look.

Whilst trying to be body confident i’d forgotten how to smile 

Roll forward a few days and I’m participating in some Olympic style sunbathing by the pool at the Sol House Hotel. A few things struck me like a flying house brick 1. No one gave a hoot about me or what I was wearing. I could have just paraded round in three leaves ala Sinatra in X Factor and I don’t think anyone would have batted an eyelid. 2. Everyone has some sort of body confidence wobbles – how do I know? Well it’s the little adjustments of the bikinis here and carefully positioned beach cover ups there.

Learning to be body confident on holiday in Ibiza
Learning to be body confident on holiday in Ibiza

Everyone has their own body positivity issues but here are my six top tips for overcoming them on holiday and beyond

‘Banish the Bitch 

  1. Banish the Bitch! I’ve started to ask my inner self if the things I say to myself if I’d say them to someone else. If the answer is no, then I try and banish them. We’ve got to stop being so hard on ourselves. Remember when you’re championing others not to forget yourself!
  2. Remember you’re unlikely to ever see the people around the pool again, so who cares!
  3. Invest in swimwear which makes you feel amazing. This Dolores Cortes Puerto Rico swimsuit from UK Swimwear is amazing, not only did it make me feel great, it made me feel more body confident in the way it fitted
  4. Wear things you wouldn’t normally go for. This Hunkemoller backless playsuit isn’t something I’d usually pick, purely because I have a pre-conception that it would make me look terrible. However, as soon as I put it on it fitted like a glove and I felt amazing
  5. Stop comparing! Comparison is the thief of joy, you are your own person and that makes you unique and amazing. Before Ibiza I was worrying that I hadn’t exercised enough, I hadn’t dieted enough and stupidly I hadn’t grown another foot because I’d been comparing myself to all the gorgeous girls in Instagram. Once I’d stopped the comparison I felt like a weight had been lifted.
  6. Practice self-love and self-care. Remember all of the great things your body has done.

Is there anything you do to increase your body confidence? I’d love to hear your top tips!


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