Getting active in Hatta, Dubai

Hands up who knew Dubai had mountains? Anyone? What about you at the back there? Nope, me neither until I started putting together an active itinerary.

Hatta Fort, Dubai

I’m currently staying in the JA Hatta Fort Hotel, hidden away in the Al Hajar Mountains. The hotel is gorgeous and I’ve been given a little cottage room which is massive! The bed is so big I reckon at least four could fit comfortably!

Hatta is the mountainous region and only 10km from Oman. Only 6 months ago did they decided to open up the mountain bike train centre and utilise the naturally made trails so I’m out here to give it the once over. I am not a mountain bike pro, in fact I’m terrified of falling off and go slower than a nana on a mobility scooter but nevertheless I gave it my all.

Mountain biking in Hatta

Our guide, Solomon has been with the centre since it opened and helped put together the routes and tested out all of the trails. He said that the harder more advanced trails are just that!

The green trails (easier/for beginners and nanas like me) was forgiving with lots of nice but easy off road bits, winding paths and the odd obstacle – watch out for donkeys roaming the area!

I’d like to think I’m quite fit but, in the heat gosh it’s hard to breath! The trail was great but I think I should have done it earlier in the morning/middle of the night when it’s a little cooler!

Next up, kayaking on the dam. As you’d expect the dam is massive but so tranquil. I always find a sense of calm being near water and this was no exception, bobbing about in my little kayak was fabulous and the water was so warm. When I say warm I literally mean bathtub warm. I could have spent hours just floating around, well at least until my arms got too tired!

Hatta Dam, Dubai
Hatta Dam

Hatta is the perfect place to escape the city and spend a few days getting active but also relaxing away from all the hustle and bustle.


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