Are We Too Connected?

It’s Sunday morning and my emails are pinging and my husband’s first response is ‘its Sunday why are you looking at them?’

A blogger writing about being too connected – how ironic! Like florals for spring or cosy knitwear in autumn!

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Bear with me, I do have a point and much of it is Apple’s fault. Ok well not Apple’s fault directly but the new Screen Limit feature has something to do with it.

It’s Sunday morning and my emails are pinging and my husband’s first response is ‘its Sunday why are you looking at them?’ A very good question and often one I don’t ask myself enough, if at all. We live in a world of always ‘being on’ and always being available at the drop of a hat but, is being too connected damaging us and are we missing things in the moment because we’re too busy being busy?

If you ask me how I am at any given moment my first response will always be the default busy, but I do wonder if I add to my busy’ness by checking things at the weekend when I don’t need to and then worrying that I can’t fix whatever the problem might be until the working week starts again on Monday.

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In the recent Apple update the Screen Limit function was introduced and when the first notification arrived I was actually horrified about the amount of time I spend on my phone. An average of 500 pickups in a day – WTF! But, I think I’m so conditioned in having a smartphone and always being able to check in on anything day or night I don’t even realise I’m doing it. The biggest but not surprising shocker was the amount of time spent on social media over a seven day period – an average of 15hrs to start with! Who even has that time? No wonder I always thing I’m busy! I’ve now set some screen app limits which means after an hour my social channels shut down and I physically have to unlock them – it’s made me think about the amount of time I spend mindlessly scrolling through the internet.

Recently on holiday in Croatia we spent the week sailing around some of the islands on a boat and one of the worst things was the boat having wifi – we just couldn’t help ourselves. Yes it was great at times to Google certain islands and see if we wanted to spend time there but in the same vein it meant we didn’t properly disconnect. This says much more about me and my own relationship with social media than it does about a little Three UK MiFi box. (Which if you are travelling and need internet is brilliant – super quick and not at all expensive!).

So, from now on I’m making a conscious effort to cut down on mindless scrolling, checking emails late into the evening and just generally trying not to rely on my phone to keep me entertained. I will get my average phone use down to less than an hour a day.


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