Four things you must do in Salcombe

Ever since trying Salcombe Gin a couple of years ago I’ve been obsessed with visiting its hometown. I’ve had a long love affair with South Devon since I was young, ever year we’d jump in the car to stay at a gorgeous house overlooking the River Dart or pack up the caravan to spend a week there.

I’ve been told by my Mum and Dad that I’ve visited Salcombe countless times, but I have absolutely no recollection of this, so this year was the time to tick it off the list (and remember it!)

Here are my top four things you have to do when visiting Salcombe, plus a top tip!

Scoff Salcombe Crab

The Fortescue Pub is just up from the RNLI station on the quay – they serve the most amazing Salcombe crab baguettes – so amazing I scoffed the lot before I could take a picture.

Fortescue Pub sign Salcombe

Visit the Salcombe Gin Distillery

It’s no secret that I’m a lover of gin, but since hitting the market just over 2 years ago Salcombe Gin has to be my hands down favourite……. so far. I’ve been desperate to see where they make this liquor of life ever since I tried it so whilst on a visit to Salcombe it had to be done.

The distillery is quite simply stunning – all clean lines, copper and charcoal accents. Right on the Salcombe River with a glorious terrace, it’s the perfect spot for a gin tipple.

Top tip – if you’re planning to buy your own bottle do this in the shop before visiting the bar – you get a drinks voucher if you spend over £40 (a bottle is £40). This will cover the cost of a classic G&T

Salcombe Gin Distillery front door


Cranch’s Sweetshop is a real old fashioned sweetshop which opened back in 1869! It is the place for the best fudge in the South-West, you simply can’t leave until you tried their fudge!

The Salcombe style is what I’d called ‘Posh Yachtie’ it’s where Jack Wills first opened its doors, Quba (the place that makes things out of old sails) started and many more. So if you want to deck (see what I did there) yourself out head to toe yachtie, Salcombe is the place to shop!

Hit the Beach

Salcombe, like much of the South-West has amazing beaches. But, the great thing is the sheer variety in those beaches. North Sands beach is fabulous, it’s great for swimming and they allow dogs year-round, but when the tide is in the sand disappears completely which gives the perfect excuse to visit the Winking Prawn beachside restaurant!  

North Sands Beach view from the Ferry Inn, Salcombe

Finally a top tip – parking is really limited in the town and people often arrive early and leave late. There’s a park and ride at the very top of the hill and the bus journey is only a few minutes.


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