An update on my #18for2018 challenge

Firstly, I can’t quite believe we are already at the end of 2018, how did that even happen?! I don’t think I’m alone in thinking that 2018 flashed passed quicker than a shopper at a Selfridge’s sale.

So, I thought I’d do a little update on my #18for2018 challenge I set myself back on the 2nd January 2018.

This year has been a year of change for me, at the beginning I finally admitted to myself that I wasn’t cut out for the self-employed life and went back to an office. Ok, so when I say office what I really mean is I joined a travel PR team who I absolutely love and am having the whale of a time. This taught me that it’s ok to fail and it’s ok to admit when something isn’t right for you.

I’ve also had a fantastic year in terms of travel and seeing the world, Palma, Sailing around Croatia, Ibiza, South Devon, Dubai, Antigua and Dominica were all ticked off my travel bucket list. I’m already plotting my 2019 travel plans and can’t wait to see where the world takes me.

Dartmouth, South Devon view from the river
Beautiful Dartmouth, South Devon
Sailing on the Ston Canal in Croatia
Morning sunrise on the Ston Canal, Croatia
Sunset in Hatta, Dubai
Sunset in Hatta, Dubai
Rules of Sol House Hotel, Ibiza
Rules of Sol House, Ibiza
The Indian River, Dominica where Pirates of the Caribbean 2 was filmed
The Indian River, Dominica where Pirates of the Caribbean 2 was filmed

But what of the other challenges I set myself? Here’s the original list and then an update next to each:

  1. Reorganise office and complete filing – This happened and I’m now looking at redecorating the whole office
  2. Keep tax expenses up to date – wahhhh this is a painful one, everything is up to date and I’ve got until 31st January 2019 to pay the bill (yuk)
  3. Take a photography course – I did two and loved them both. I think the street art photograph tour in East London was probably my favourite
  4. Post consistent and quality content to Instagram – hmmmm this sort of happened but has actually dipped in the last few weeks
  5. Find a podcast I LOVE and subscribe to it – I am a 100% fully signed up member of the Port Salute crew and am obsessed with the Jules & Sarah podcast. I’m also loving Fearne Cotton’s Happy podcast too.
  6. Write regular blog content and post twice a week – This started well but has dropped off a bit recently but for 2019 I’m working on having a full plan in place and posting on the regs.
  7. Stick to a consistent skincare routine – can you believe I’m actually doing this, everyday – morning and evening! I think this means I’m an adult now?
  8. Reduce credit card debt – reducing slowly and I’m not adding to it, which is good news.
  9. Read one book a month – this is definitely happening, in fact I’ve read more than one book a month. I’ve also joined the subscription box Reading in Heels which sends out a book a month along with lots of other lovely goodies.
  10. Lose a stone in weight by the time I go to Greece in May – this did not happen and is back on the list for 2019 and will probably be on the list until the end of time.
  11. Exercise regularly even if it’s just a 20minute Body Coach workout at home – since joining my new job I also joined 1Rebel which is a gym I walk passed every day from the station. I’ve been going to boxing classes every week since April and am totally obsessed.
  12. Curb my spending and stop buying pretty things that I don’t need – hmm well, this has sort of happened. I’ve sent a lot of things back that counts, right?
  13. Say NO more – decline invites to things I know won’t make me happy or I won’t enjoy – I did do this and you know what, I felt better for it.
  14. Visit museums and exhibitions I’m interested in, don’t put it off and then miss out e.g. book tickets to the V&A for the Winnie the Pooh exhibition before it ends on 8th April – gah I totally missed this exhibition, when I came to book the tickets it was fully booked. That will teach me for dithering!
  15. Attend at least four blogger events (obvs this only works if I’m invited!) – NFI’d so no worries with this one 
  16. Learn a new language, maybe Spanish? – I did not learn a language again another one to roll over to 2019
  17. Take regular social media breaks and live in the moment more – this I did do thanks to Apple launched the screen limit app. I’ve been working on reducing my daily phone use. When the app first launched I was actually appalled by the amount of time I spent faffing on my phone each day!
  18. Enter and train for a 10k – I did the local Park Run a few times but haven’t entered a 10k and still don’t really like running. You see my quandary!

Not a complete disaster and I think I achieved more than I didn’t but there are still a few things that I’m definitely going to roll over into 2019.

 My 2019 goals include:

  1. Pay off my credit card completely
  2. Lose a stone in weight – this is for myself and to feel more confident in what I’m wearing
  3. Start to learn a language, I’m set on Spanish and really want to learn the basics next year
  4. Continue to reduce my phone use, especially aimlessly scrolling before going to bed!
  5. Post consistent and quality content

This list is still being curated and I’m sure I’ll have a whole heap of things to add to it soon!

Have you achieved everything you wanted to in 2018?


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