7 top tips for excellent gym changing room etiquette

It’s January 2019 and we’re all hitting the gym with that renewed new year enthusiasm which means the changing rooms are much busier than they were towards the end of last year.

Now what’s hugely noticeable is the late of changing room etiquette and general thought for other people. Remember you’re not in your bedroom at home and able to spread across many surfaces and if like me, room! So, I’ve come up with 7 top tips for good changing room and gym etiquette.

Gym changing room

Speedy Showers

When I say this, I don’t just mean dip your toe in and run out, no one in the office wants to sit next to a stinky Susan all day! But, when sharing a changing room with lots of other ladies all trying to get ready for a day in the office, don’t take the piss in the shower. Obviously shower properly, but, don’t spend hours shaving, plucking and whatnot when there’s another 20 ladies waiting to wash!

Don’t Spread

We all know it’s often a bit of a bunfight for bench space in a changing room – there is never enough! But don’t be ‘that’ person who spreads all their stuff across the room. No one will thank you for it, I try to be contained as possible when getting changed to make sure I’m not ‘that’ person.

Tidy Up After Yourself

Used a towel? Put it in the towel washing bin. Used cotton wool, buds etc. put them in the bin. Basically, don’t be a messy moo and expect the staff to clear up after you!


I’m all for body confidence, don’t get me wrong but I do think in changing rooms full frontals should be kept to a minimum. I don’t need to see you parading your boobs around for all to see, yes you maybe lucky enough for them to be super pert and stay where they’re meant to sans bra, but it will just make me feel inadequate!

Mirror Mirror on the Wall

Again, much like the ‘don’t spread’ point, don’t be a mirror hog. Standing in front of the mirror preening and primping taking up heaps of space is not cool. Budge over and make room!

Call Me On My Cell Phone

Nothing is that urgent you need to be on your phone checking emails, social media, Whatsapp, Love Island gossip wrapped in a towel in a gym changing room. Wait until you’re outside in the fresh air to check in.

Spritz Me Up

Like I’ve said before no-one will want to sit next to a post-gym stinky Susan in the office so make sure you’ve always got decent deodorant but be careful with the angle of the nozzle. A miss sprayed spray is never fun for anyone. This goes for perfume too, as much as you might love yours the person next to you might not want to smell it all over them all day.

So that’s it, my seven top tips for excellent gym changing room etiquette.

Happy gyming



  1. 22/08/2018 / 12:28 pm

    Very good. I’ve seen people standing naked doing their hair first – priorities people!

    • delphineblublog
      22/08/2018 / 12:32 pm

      This happened in the gym yesterday, full frontal sorting her hair out. Don’t get me wrong I think she’s full on brave to stand butt naked in the changing room but it’s not my idea of getting ready

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