Why I’m not buying into ‘New Year, New Me’

The turn of the year (although I’m very aware we’re almost half way through January already!) always brings a whole host of pressure mostly focused about ‘New Year, New Me’. We are pretty much ambushed by companies telling us we must lose weight, change our hair, our bodies, basically ourselves entirely.

Why i'm not buying into New Year, New me

Well, this year I’m saying no!

I’m taking away the pressure. I haven’t and won’t be doing Veganuary nor will I be made to feel guilty for not partaking. Good luck to everyone doing it but I won’t be joining, however, I am making small changes to our weekly diet to reduce the meat consumption in our house.

I’m not about to punish myself in the gym by signing up to every class going just because everywhere tells me that I should be. I am going to continue with the same fitness routine I been doing since April last year, boxing at 1 Rebel and then having a session with my PT. I have however, downloaded the fitness app FIIT, which I have to admit, I’m yet to try but from an initial glance it looks great.

Why i'm not buying into 'New Year, New Me'

I do want to lose a little bit of weight but not because social media and the weekly magazines are shouting at me to, it’s because I’m just not feeling 100% comfortable in my clothes at the moment. I blame the Christmas cheese.

There’s so much noise telling us that it’s time for a ‘New You’ but actually I think we are all pretty fabulous. Fundamentally even if we change the outside we’re still the same person on the inside.

You won’t find any New Year’s Resolutions from me but I do have some goals for 2019. They are more focused on learning new skills and honing those I already have, experiencing new things, being more spontaneous and generally enjoying the life I have, without worrying about the things I don’t.

So who’s with me?!

Why i'm not buying into 'New Year, New Me'

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