Adventurous Roads Ahead

I’ve got some super exciting news! We’ve bought a VW Transporter van to convert into a campervan and I cannot wait to hit the road.

Adventurous Roads Ahead

It’s something we’ve been thinking about since our honeymoon in Australia when we had the tiniest campervan in the world and drove from Sydney to Melbourne. For us, it was probably one of the highlights of our honeymoon.

Adventurous Roads Ahead

Valerie as she has been named is white and started life as a jetwashing company van but will continue as a camper travelling (hopefully) all round the UK and across to Europe.

Although we don’t have her on our drive yet we’re already planning how we want the van to be laid out and what would work best for us in terms of space, storage and overall comfort. It’s taking all of my self-control not to start buying all of the lovely bits and pieces like shatterproof wineglasses with flamingos on and fancy cushions. Although I have crumbled and bought a picnic blanket because it was a super cute design and in the sale!

The biggest thing we need to have done when we start the conversion is to have the pop-top roof cut in and installed. This gives us the additional space and the ability to actually stand up inside. The pop roof can also be an additional sleeping area to the double bed in the main part of the van. That’s just a small part of phase one of converting Valerie into a fully functioning campervan.

Other parts of phase one include cutting in windows, insulating the van so we don’t freeze and then carpeting and lining.

So much to do before we can really hit the road. But, it will be an exciting journey and will change the way we holiday for a while. The idea is to take more roadtrips around the UK for starters and then go from there – the world is pretty much our oyster!

I absolutely love South Devon, especially Kingswear and Dartmouth where I have so many amazing childhood holiday memories from. So that’s likely to be the first place we visit, but there is so much of the country I’ve never even been to like the Lake District and beyond.

So here’s to adventurous roads ahead!


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