The Art of Self-Celebration

A couple of weeks ago I went to an event organised by the gorgeous Oliver Bonas team and hosted by the equally fabulous Sarah Powell all about self-celebration.

The Art of Self-Celebration

Now, if you don’t know who Sarah Powell is, firstly where have you been? Sarah is a podcaster, celebrant and founder of Celebrate Yourself. Sarah says ‘Every day you achieve so much and self-celebration is about acknowledging those things and celebrating them.’

Self-celebration isn’t something I’ve ever done before and if anything, I’ve let the voice inside my head (or Maureen as she is known) essentially beat me up with negativity. Classic example happened only yesterday during a boxing session – Maureen kept telling me I was shit, everyone was far fitter, slimmer, better than me and why was I even bothering? But, following tactics I’d learnt from the event with Sarah I was able to essentially shut Maureen up by celebrating that I had arms and the opportunity to even be in a boxing session.

Self-celebration isn’t just about celebrating the monumental moments in life like new jobs, engagements, weddings, babies etc. it’s about celebrating the little moments through the day to keep you going and keep the ‘voice’ at bay. Like celebrating making lunch to take to work instead of spending money or celebrating getting up when the alarm goes off without snoozing.

The Art of Self-Celebration

It’s a constant work in progress with self-celebration and it takes a while to integrate it into your daily routine, something I’m working hard to keep this as part of my daily routine. One thing I did learn was not to write any down, the minute it becomes structured it’s harder to keep up!

The event was amazing and gave me some solid advice about being kinder to myself and celebrating my own achievements more because let’s be honest, we say things to ourselves that we’d never ever dream of saying to another human being and if we did we’d probably be arrested!


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