It’s all about the numbers

This, as the title might leave you believe isn’t about social media following, likes or any of that number-based jazz. In fact, this is all about clothes and shopping and how bloody stressful I find the whole thing!

I would like to think that I’m a fairly standard size 12 but, we all know that there is no standard sizing, and this is where is catches me out.

For some reason I have a real mental block of going up to the next size, even if it’s something I really love and suits me – I know ridiculous!

I find clothes shopping immensely stressful especially when I spend most of the time online shopping rather than going into actual shops to try things on. If anything, I think online shopping makes the whole experience more depressing – first there’s the elation of finding something you love, anticipation of it arriving, then excitement when it’s pulled from the parcel, sometimes disappointment when the fabric is felt and it’s a bit meh, then it’s the big try on. It’s at this interlude I should point out we still don’t have a full-length mirror in our house, which makes trying anything on all the more difficult! I have to stand on the bed to half crouch in the en-suite mirror – wobbly at best!

It's all about the numbers, trying on clothes and stressing about the size
Yes this is me standing on the loo in the en-suite to see how these trousers fit

Here’s an example – I’ve just ordered ‘the’ pink suit and pink leopard print dress which has been gracing the Instagram grids of late. I ordered the 12 petites in the suit, otherwise the trousers will be longer than my short legs need and a 12 in the dress.

Let’s start with the try on –
I did it as always at the worst possible time, after work in the evening. So already I’m a bit bloated, uncomfortable and tired – not a good start! Trousers do up but they are a bit on the tight side so that instantly puts me in a huff, so I don’t even bother to try the jacket on. But it’s a lovely colour and cut, any sensible person would send/take it back and try the next size. Then comes the dress, I already love the print. Try it on, it’s ok but I haven’t done the zip up properly because I can’t reach and I’m already in a huff about the trousers.

It's all about the numbers, trying on clothes and stressing about the size
Yep this is me stood on the en-suite loo
It's all about the numbers, trying on clothes and stressing about the size
and again, trying to see the back whilst balancing on the loo

Why are we so hung up on numbers? Because, growing up we women have always had it enforced on us that the higher up the sizing scale we are, the more unaccepted it is. Which is utterly ridiculous especially when none of the high-street clothes shops have standard sizing. In New Look I’m at 12 across the board, Hush I’m a 10, H&M well don’t even get me started on them, InTheStyle, misguided etc. I don’t even bother! Mango/Zara forever a mystery as to what size I might be. See we don’t have it easy!

I’ve decided, well made a pact to myself if you will. To not try on any clothes I’ve ordered after work, to try and shop more in stores whilst trying things on and to stop getting hung up on the numbers. If it fits and looks amazing, that’s all that matters.

Who’s with me?


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