Where has the last 5 months gone?

I can’t believe I haven’t put words to paper since June but what I’m more baffled about is how five months have flown past in an utter whirlwind.

Carpe Diem book from Oliver Bonas

Since June I don’t think my feet have touched the ground for long, I’ve been to the Capital Region in the USA (Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia) sailing in Croatia, camper-vanning in Devon and the F1 in Singapore. Phew, even just typing it makes me tired!

Drinking Singapore Slings in the Raffles Long Bar

Three of those trips were holidays and one an amazing work trip, more on those later!

Singapore Gardens by the Bay

But I think if I’m being truthful, I fell a little bit out of love with blogging and posting online in general. Instagram just felt a bit meh and it got to the point of posting for the sake of it and note really loving what I was doing. Let’s be honest the whole reason I started Delphine Blu was to have my own little corner of the internet to write about the things I love and am passionate about. Due to feeling a bit deflated and that blogging mojo disappearing off into the distance faster than Boris Johnson’s you turn it felt a bit pointless posting something substandard.

Mirror selfie at the Inside Soap Awards

Anyway, I’ve had some time away, I’ve had a little word with my mojo, and I think it’s back. I’ve also established what I want to focus more on and what I’m not that bothered about anymore. So, in the coming months expect more travel related posts, a smattering of fashion, a little beauty and some general life updates and changes I’m making to be more content and happier.

So, if that sounds like something you might be interested in please do stick around, although I can’t promise how regularly posts will be but, I will try to put out new content more than ever five months 😉. I’ve also got the snazzy new iPhone 11 pro, so fingers crossed for some next level images!


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