Guest Beauty: Everything you need to know about organic make-up

Guest post written by Peter who is a beauty and fashion editor at HighStyleLife magazine. Besides writing he worked as a beauty consultant for many fashion events around UK & AU. Follow Peter on Twitter for more tips.

Inner beauty truly is what counts, but most people would still like to look and feel beautiful both on the inside and outside. This is generally why we all use skincare products and makeup. Still, in recent years, different skincare standards have been introduced. Basically, since the importance of skincare is growing and beauty routines are already an essential part of daily activities, we’ve also got more knowledgeable about the products we use on their skin. In that respect, organic and natural lines of skincare and makeup have become immensely popular.

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What does organic mean?

When you want to buy an organic skincare or makeup product, you shouldn’t worry about any toxic ingredients hiding in the product. Basically, stuff like artificial pesticides, herbicides and fungicides as well as colourings and fragrance are only some of the possible toxic ingredients found in some non-organic skin products. To be fair, not all nonorganic brands consist of an alarming amount of bad ingredients, but these are still considered to be the main cause of various skin issues, allergies and breakouts. When you buy organic, this means that you’ll be putting purely natural ingredients on your face and body, with no obviously harmful toxins.

You can still get an allergy

It’s important to mention this bit right after explaining that organic products do not have harmful ingredients. Basically, you won’t have to worry about artificial chemicals but you may still be allergic to some natural ingredient on the list. So, if you know that you’re allergic to nuts, you might want to test out your skin’s reaction to products that contain nut oils and similar.

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Organic is not the same as natural

The first thing you should do when looking for organic and/or natural products is check their labels and logos. Organic and natural cosmetic brands will have a specific certification logo for your particular area that will prove their claims. This is very important since some cosmetic companies use ambiguous phrases such as “99% natural” to attract the customers. But, natural and organic don’t mean the same either. Natural cosmetics consist of natural ingredients, while organic skincare and makeup products consist of the same natural ingredients that were grown organically. Most of the time, organic cosmetics is vegan or vegetarian-friendly, so make sure to look for the proof on the packaging if this is something you care about.

Organic is better

You might get some immediate results by using non-organic products,, which can fool you into thinking that organic products may not really be that good. Be aware that your usual non-organic products are made to provide immediate results on the surface without improving the condition of your skin in a long run. On the other hand, carefully chosen and grown ingredients in organic cosmetics will sink deeply into the skin and work their magic gradually so that you can actually see the change with your skin’s texture and elasticity after a while even without having to apply the product first.

Makeup is as important as skincare

If you care about products that you use in your beauty routine, you can also replace all of your makeup staples with organic alternatives. It is not only skincare that has positive influence on the appearance and health. With organic-conscious market, cosmetic companies do their best in providing organic makeup that is on a par with your regular brands. In that respect, you can find your foundations, organic illuminator makeup products, lipsticks, eye shadows, etc. that will work just fine without irritating your skin more.

Do you have your own favourite organic makeup and skincare products?


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