Why do you train? Featuring Glove London

I spent last Friday night with my heart pounding in my chest, a mixture of sweat and the days make up dripping in my eye (which is pretty gross) throwing left and right hooks. You’d be forgiven for thinking that I was out at a Friday night rave things had got a bit fruity. But, you couldn’t be further from the truth.

I was at Glove London, the newly launched boxing brand which held a week long pop up in Shoreditch.
When I first heard about the Glove London pop up I knew I had to book in, I’ve been looking for a boxing class for such a long time after I tried my hand at boxercise and really loved the full body workout, but wanted and needed more. I’ve been looking at spit and sawdust style boxing gyms near where I live but they all seem a bit too intimidating.

boxing gloves

After reading the website I was instantly drawn to Glove London’s ethos – empowerment and extinguishing male toxicity. I don’t know about you but I always go into the weights area of the gym with a little trepidation and intimidation. I mean there’s always guys in there with arms bigger than my legs grunting in the mirror – it doesn’t make me feel inspired.

Glove London has been created by fitness expert and boxing coach Tom McClelland and is the antithesis to all those unrealistic photoshopped images in magazines telling us to get bikini body ready. It’s got me thinking about my own reasons for training which used to solely be focused on weight loss but now it’s so much more than that. I’m now training to keep my mental health in check, up my fitness levels and feel happy in my own skin.

And yes, I really did get this all from one boxing class! Sometimes it takes just one person to say something that really makes you sit up and think about the reasons for doing something.
For now, Glove London’s pop up has finished at Shoreditch but I’ve been promised they are scouting for a new location for March, I cannot wait until next time.

As soon as I hear about the next dates, I’ll update this blog post. Who fancies coming with me to the next one?


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