Four podcasts you have to subscribe to

I have a confession to make: I’ve become a fully-fledged podcast obsessive. There, I’ve said it.

I love that when listening to one of my favourites it feels like sitting in a living room having a cuppa and a chat with your BFF’s. But, my new found love is a very recent discovery.

Before I gave up the self-employed life at the end of January I found myself craving company more and more, as cute as Nigel the cat is, he doesn’t say much. This is where podcasts stepped in and gave me some of the much needed company I was looking for.

black and white cat


It started with Em Clarkson’s Pretty Normal Me, this essentially is like having a chat with my mates about everything from money to life plans to fitness. I love the easy relationship between Em and Louise and how it really does feel like they are just talking to me personally and no one else.


The next podcast in my subscription box is from ex Glamour editor, Jo Elvin and ex associate editor James Williams – Is it just me? For me this gives a little taste of celebrity but not as you’d know it. From Stacey Dooley to Kevin Bishop and Annie Mac to Lady Nadia Essex and pretty much everyone in between, these hour long chats literally cover everything and so much more than a guarded magazine interview. The easy relationship between Jo and James brings all their guests out of their shells and discussing things that we can all relate to.

The final two podcasts are actually from the same duo, Jules and Sarah. Straight up, I want to be friends with them and have a good natter over a bottle or two of wine and Port Salut cheese. The Jules and Sarah podcast is simply glorious and often has me snort laughing on the train, every episode always has me smiling. They’ve also just launched another podcast, Wobble it’s all about body confidence, health and showing that we all have a wobble and that’s ok. It’s beautifully frank and honest and has shown me that I’m not alone when I’m having a wobble. Now, if like me you can’t get enough of Jules and Sarah then there’s also The Nibble, but be warned it’s only about five minutes long and will leave you wanting more!

I’d love to know what podcasts you’re loving at the moment, I really want to build up my library so I have a new one every day.


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