Rumble in the concrete jungle with 1Rebel

Picture the scene, it’s 5am on Tuesday morning and my alarm has burst into life to jumpstart me from sleep and the weird dream I was having. Prior to this Nigel (the cat) had already woken me up at 3am declaring he was utterly starving and couldn’t possibly make it through till morning unless I dragged myself out of bed to feed him Dreamies. So far – so restless in terms of sleep.

1Rebel Gyms Sign

Now, I know what you’re thinking ‘why on God’s green earth is your alarm going off at 5am and why are you leaving the sanctuary of your warm bed to get on a train?’ Well dear reader, I shall tell you…. I’ve become addicted, addicted to Rumble boxing sessions at 1Rebel and I can only see it getting worse.

It started about three month’s ago when I started my new job, I’d walk past the entrance of 1Rebel at Broadgate every morning and evening and always wonder ‘could I do it, would I be the most unfit person in the room, is it for me?’ and numerous other self-doubting questions before I took the plunge and booked in for their three-session starter package to see if I liked it. The idea of the starter pack is for you to try the three different workout options they offer – Rumble, Reshape and Ride, well I can safely say after one boxing-based Rumble session it’s still the only class I’ve tried out of the three.

If you’ve been around the parts before you’ll already know I’ve flirted with boxing classes in the past with Glove London and absolutely loved it. Not only do I work up a monumental sweat (I’m talking like I’ve jumped in the sea) but also, it’s the most amazing stress reliever. Bad day at work – go punch a bag, good day – go punch a bag, someone being annoying – go punch a bag, well you get the drift.

So, this is what brings me back to sitting on the 6.13am train every Tuesday morning heading for the big smoke. I never used to be a pre-work exerciser, all that faffing with taking your stuff with you, changing room etiquette etc. but Rumble has changed my mentality and I’ve found that working out before I hit the office really does help my brain function and burns calories for the rest of the day. (Hurrah) I was originally going to an evening class but found myself quite sluggish after a long day in the office and didn’t always feel like I was putting in a whole 100% effort, since switching to early morning sessions I’ve found I can push myself hard and smash out more burpees than I thought I was even able to.

Obviously, I’m wax lyrically about getting up early to train in the summer is 100% easier because it’s light and warm but I’m determined to keep this up throughout winter, even if it snows!

Wish me luck!


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